That is my mean lesbian calculus teacher. Now I have nothing against lesbians, but I do have something against lesbian teachers that are SEXIST! She is so sexist, you go to that class and there is NO FEMALE that complains about her class, yo ask the guys 95%, no lie 95% of the guys KNOW she hates them. It’s not even that, she has this thing called the “homework grade”, on the class contract it says 15% homework which means that if you don’t do any homework your report card grade is subtracted by 15 points. SO GET THIS, SHE DOESN’T CHECK HOMEWORK! She “guesses” if you do homework or not and just subtracts the points according to how much she likes you. I’m not even saying this because I’m having her as a teacher this year, BECAUSE SHE PULLED THE SAME CRAP ON ME SOPHMORE YEAR! You see that picture? That’s the face she gives when guys ask questions, when a girl asks a question she smiles. Her natural mouth structure is a frown, I wonder how much of a workout it is for her to smile. We spend about 45 min of the class doing 3 problems so I have nothing better to do than to doodle. Oh wait let me make a more accurate picture of her, Sunny said that I was missing something from the pic.


I also have other pictures of teachers, because sometimes I get bored in other classes so I attempt to draw portraits.


My calculus notes.


The one on the right is my economics teacher.


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